During the past 25 years Mr. Saltarelli has served as an arbitrator in dozens of domestic and international cases.  Those cases have included:

  • Post-acquisition/merger disputes.
  • Pricing under long-term supply agreements.
  • Corporate/joint venture buy-out and dissolution issues.
  • Professional firm membership, liability and accounting disputes.
  • Dealer/franchisee terminations.
  • Insurance coverage and claims handling.
  • Broker/producer disputes.
  • Warranty and product quality claims.
  • Breach of purchase, licensing, and consulting agreements.
  • Restrictive covenants, non-competition agreements, and diversion of corporate opportunities.

Representative matters include the following.

As Chair of Panel:

  • Adjudicated claims by former executives of public company against accounting firm for misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty in promoting defective tax shelter that subjected claimants to multi-million dollar obligations for back taxes, penalties, and interest.
  • Resolved claims by carrier against insureds for recovery of amounts owed under loss sensitive workers’ compensation programs.
  • Dispute between steel mill and mill services provider over pricing clause in ten-year exclusive services agreement; resolution included declaratory judgment as to application of pricing formula to future years.
  • Action against professional society for wrongful termination and defamation of executive director, including counterclaim by society for defamation and invasion of privacy.
  • Dispute between members of insurance brokerage joint venture regarding operation of business.
  • Resolved claim for contractual indemnification of environmental losses asserted by buyer of business.

As Sole Arbitrator:

  • Resolved claim by franchisor of large urban hotel for liquidated damages arising from termination due to franchisee’s failure to renovate hotel pursuant to agreement, and counterclaim by franchisee for unlawful termination.
  • Resolved complex dispute over operation of joint venture and pricing under long term paper supply contract. Issued detailed reasoned award determining manner of defining prices under the agreement.
  • Sole arbitrator in dispute over interpretation of long-term supply agreement for products sold to food industry manufacturer. Issues concerned interpretation of special pricing provisions.
  • Adjudicated claims for injunctive relief and damages by exclusive broker against insurer for unlawful termination of brokerage agreement related to sale of business. 
  • Adjudicated claim by terminated distributor of medical products in Sweden.
  • Determined rights of investors in entertainment company with regard to purported renewal of investment agreement.
  • Heard and resolved dispute over working capital and related post-acquisition adjustments contained in asset purchase agreement.
  • Claim by exclusive broker against insurer for unlawful termination of brokerage agreement related to sale of business.  Injunctive relief against termination and damages were sought.

As Member of Panel:

  • As a member of panel, resolved numerous claims asserted between partners in an auto parts manufacturing business. Resolution included determination of buyout price for parts plant pursuant to a put option and declaratory judgment regarding right to hire work force.
  • Adjudicated  earnout dispute following sale of medical device company.
  • Resolved multi-million dollar claim by insured for recovery from general liability carrier of losses incurred as result of food product contamination.
  • Member of panel that heard claims for breach of non-solicitation agreement and diversion of corporate opportunities by new owner against former owner of oil services business, and claim by former owner against new owner for alleged improper refusal to honor option for repurchase of former owner’s interest in the business.
  • Member of panel that resolved $30 million claim for breach of warranty against seller of roller bearings.
  • Dispute over anticipatory breach of three-year requirements contract for molded containers.
  • Claim by seller of business for purchase price and counterclaim by buyer for fraud and rescission.
  • Disputes arising from delayed start-up of a paper mill due to alleged design and mechanical defects.
  • Claim for breach of asset purchase agreement relating to the sale of a software business.
  • Claim by insurer against third party administrator for breach of contract and negligence in handling a claim that resulted in a large default judgment.
  • Heard franchisor’s action against franchisee for termination of retail franchises and damages from unlawful competition.